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MIMS was introduced in New Zealand in late 2001. Initially as the country’s first integrated medicines resource in GPs workflow (Medtech32), closely followed by a desktop version for GPs as well as an integrated resource for pharmacy (Toniq Dispensary software).

MIMS has since been integrated into other GP and Pharmacy programs, covering over 90% of the GP clinic market.

The range of MIMS medicine resources has since expanded progressively to support prescribers and dispensers of medicines across every sector of the healthcare system across multiple platforms.

MIMS medicines systems now support a wide range of print and digital channels including MIMS Online, a range of MIMS Integrated products, MIMS New Ethicals (print reference) and most recently iMIMS.

Currently the development team in New Zealand are developing enhanced versions of MIMS to further improve access to relevant content specific to professional user groups within the primary care, pharmacy and hospital settings.

MIMS NZ has been creating, distributing and supporting medicines information for health professionals and their decision support systems for over 10 years. It is the preferred integrated medicines resource used by almost every GP practice and community pharmacy in the country as well as every hospital in New Zealand.

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