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MIMS updates the medicines data each month with at least 150 changes to the product information each month. It is very important therefore that users of eMIMS ensure that they have the latest information at their fingertips.

We send an updated eMIMS DVD three times per year – April, August and December. However, in between these release the monthly updates are provided on this site.

Full instructions on how to update the eMIMS application are detailed below.


These downloadable eMIMS database updates include the latest changes to medicines information (including availability of new products, changed product information or deletions of product), new product images, CMI updates and updates to MIMS DrugAlert (our interactions checking program).

Update January 2018 to February 2018
Use this set to update eMIMS Classic that has already had the January 2018 update applied.
You must have the January data installed before you can apply the February 2018 update.

Description Version Filename Filesize Download
Full Update February 2018
updates January 2018 release only
FullEmimsFeb18.exe 34.0 MB

Update December 2017 to January 2018
Use this set to update the original December 2017 eMIMS Classic DVD data.
You must have the December 2017 DVD installed before you can apply the January 2018 update.

Description Version Filename Filesize Download
Full Update January 2018
updates December 2017 DVD release only
FullEmimsJan18.exe 44.3 MB

Note: eMIMS Classic must not be running while updates are being applied.

Which Update?

The Full Update is the equivalent to the Partial Update PLUS the CMI Only Update.

If you wish to apply the Partial Update initially then your system will function correctly. However, should you wish to print the CMI in PDF format (standard or small font) then your printout may not be of the most recent PDF. You should therefore apply the CMI Only update too.

Select your preferred update and save the file to a suitable location on your computer or network.

Once the setup file has been fully downloaded, run it by double-clicking on the file from Windows Explorer and follow the prompts. The update program will then complete and your eMIMS will be ready for use with the latest information available.

Network Mode: You need to run the downloaded update file on a computer that runs eMIMS (ie one of the workstations). As in all server image updates, you need to be sure that eMIMS is not being used by anyone else at the time you are applying the update.

For more information on installation and troubleshooting, go to the eMIMS Knowledgebase.


Errata eMIMS
No known issues for the current eMIMS.

PBS Erratum February 2018
The PBS issued an erratum that reinstated Metalyse (Tenecteplase) to the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits. This change is present in the February 2018 downloadable update for eMIMS Classic, but there may be other systems that use MIMS drug data where it was not possible to include this late change. A copy of the Erratum can be seen here.