July 2016

Important New Products

• Praxbind (idarucizumab, rch) is a humanised monoclonal antibody fragment (Fab) ...(more)

• Signifor LAR (pasireotide (embonate)) is a cyclohexapeptide, injectable somatostatin ...(more)

• Xofigo (radium (223Ra) dichloride) is a therapeutic alpha particle emitting pharmaceutical ...(more)

Safety Related Changes

• Skelid (tiludronate disodium) should not be used in juvenile Pagetic patients as safety ...(more)
• Valoid (cyclizine lactate) should not be given to patients who have acute myocardial ...(more)
• Voltaren (diclofenac sodium) is now contraindicated in patients with severe hepatic ...(more)

Active Ingredient Naming Changes

In this release, MIMS Australia will be including the following INNs (International Non-proprietary Names) as well as Australian Approved Names (AANs) as part of our push to support the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) active ingredient name changes project.  

MIMS will begin referring to these ingredients by their new names, however, users may continue to search by the old AANs if preferred. 

Deleted Products

• Cayston
• Clarihexal
• Coras
• Gabapentin Pfizer
• Seroplus
• Zactin

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